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You are welcome to WebDevLinux, the place to guide web designers and web developers who use Linux and Free software. We hope to share our knowledge, experiences & experiments about Linux, Free software, Web design & Web development.

We are Linux power users and we use Linux based apps and technologies because We believe that the Linux is the best platform for web development and other programming tasks.

Today, many more tools, libraries and technologies have been come for the web development industry and Most of Web developers and designers use them for their own convenience, without proper understanding about the performance. As a result they will be fail when they optimize their pages for SEO and Page speed.

Our aim is to guide you to do development tasks in the best and correct ways.

Learn HTML

HTML beginners' Guide

This is a completed HTML tutorial for the beginners who have no experiences in HTML. At the end of this tutorial, you will get a good understand about HTML and how use it. There are code examples for each lesson and You are advised to try them all yourself by hand-coding. You do not need to install any additional libraries or API to write or execute HTML. I use Bluefish as my editor which will help us to code HTML easily.

Scroll to top

How to make a button to scroll to page top

When you search internet, You will find many smooth scroll scripts which are based on Jquery or other code libraries. Adding external libraries will slow down web site's load time. In this lesson, you will understand how to make a button to scroll to page top without external code libraries. Here we use HTML, CSS & pure Javascript. There is a video which will be helpful you to code step by step.