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You are welcome to Web Dev Linux which is the place you learn how to use Linux for web development. In this website you will learn everything about practical web development including how to use free software and web development tools in Linux. It doesn't matter what is your Linux operating system because the tools and IDEs We recommend you to use on this website are designed to use on any Linux distribution.

If you use open source languages for web development like PHP, Javascript, CSS etc. then Linux is the most suitable operating system for you because there are many advantages and a great support than other commercial operating systems like Windows.

Your experiences on Linux will be very useful when you work on both remote servers and your local server.

Advantage of using Linux for Web development

There are many advantages Of using Linux for web designing and web development. Here you will see some plus points of Using Linux vs Windows

Web Developers

Easy to Work on servers

If you use Linux as your one and only or the primary operating system in your personal computer then you know the basics of linux including shell commands, permissions, file-structure and more. So it will be very familiar when you work with servers, specially on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated servers.

But if you a poor windows user, you will need to learn all about the basics of Linux to work on Linux servers. And you will do some more mistakes because of non-experiences with Linux.

Save your time

With Linux, you will never waste your time to search virus and update virus-guards. And the operations on a Linux PC are faster than the operations on a windows PC with the same performance (RAM, VGA etc.).

Save your money

Linux users do not waste their money to buy Operating Systems, virus-guards and other software. Most popular operating systems of Linux provide security & software updates free.

Improve yourself

Everyday you will learn something new with Linux. Step by step you will understand how these systems actually work. You will think smart and will try find the best way to do something.