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Web Design with Linux

Do you have a doubt that We can do web design using only Free software which are made to use on Linux? Yeah, It's possible. We don't need Photoshop, Illustrator or any other commercial apps to design website graphics.

If you are a true Linux user, you may say good bye for those commercial software which are made to use on Windows and other commercial Operating systems and you ready to live with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

In this page I will introduce you some free software to use Web graphics designs on any Linux distributions according to my experiences of last 12 years as a Linux based Web designer.

Free software to design web graphics on Linux

There are two types of images: Vector and Bitmap. Vector graphics are scalable digital images which are made with shapes and lines. Mostly we use vector graphics for Logos, Icons and Clip arts. Bitmaps also know as raster images and those are made with pixels which are very small dots of colors. Here are most useful and updated graphics designing software in the Linux world.