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Linux Web Development Tools

There are plenty of Web development tools to use on Linux. As a Linux user and Web developer, I have used only FOSS (free and open source software) to development website for last 12 years.

In my opinion, Linux is the best platform for web developers, If you are back-end PHP developer, you need to work with Linux servers. I always hire Linux users for web developer position in my company because they have experiences and the knowledge of Linux, So their mistakes on servers are less than Windows users.

Not like on windows, In Linux world you decide what to do and how to do then you are free to config development tools as you wish. In this page I will introduce some powerful Web development tools which can be used with any Linux distribution.

Best Code editors and IDEs to use on Linux

You don't need to worry about coding on Linux because there are many code editors which are free to use. Here you will see most popular Code editors which are used to code HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and More.